Sumatra Mandheling Gayo Grade 1 Extra Fancy

$ 12.95

This unique coffee is grown on the volcanic Indonesian island of Sumatra. The best Arabica coffees of the island are produced in the Aceh Province around Lake Toba, at an elevation of 1,200- 1,600 masl. Gayo coffee is sourced in the Aceh region from several small villages around the Central Gayo regency. Farmers process the coffee cherries with what is known as the "Wet Hulling or "Giling Basah" method, whereby as soon as the cherries are harvested, they are depulped using rustic local machines. the beans are then stored in bags or tanks for dry fermentation overnight. The next morning, the farmers wash the remaining pulp from the beans, and then, after a quick drying to a 35% to 40% moisture content, the coffee is brought to a hulling station to be hulled. After hulling, the beans are then further dried to a 12% moisture content. This one of a kind wet hulling process renders a very earthy and less acidic coffee. 


Region: Aceh, Cetral Gayo

Varietal: Bourbon, Catimor, and Typica

Process: "Wet hulling" aka "Giling Basah"

Tasting Notes: A deep resonating body with a mild acidity. Notes of brown spice, dark cocoa and molasses.