Gore Range Blend

$ 12.95

Origin: Central & South America, Indonesia

Aroma: Floral

Body: Crisp, medium

Tasting Notes: Tropical Fruits & Milk Chocolate

Finish: Soft, bright

A bright and lively blend of Indonesian, Central & South American coffees. The cup profile has an intoxicating aroma, a well- rounded body, with notes of green apple, nectarine, and a chocolaty aftertaste. The body of the Indonesian coffee neutralizes the acidity creating a deliciously balanced blend.

The range was named for Lord St. George Gore, who visited the area in the 1850s. The range runs for approximately 60 miles long northwest-to-southeast. The locals attribute the amazing snowfall in the Vail Valley to the positioning of the Gore Range and how it slows down the winter storm blowing through the valley.