Cold Brew Tea Benefits & Concoctions

Jen Biro

If you're looking to cut down on your caffeine intake, develop fuller flavors within your tea and increase the overall health benefits you receive from enjoying your favorite cup... look no further than the beautiful simplicity found in cold brewing. Cold brewing tea is just about the easiest thing in the world to do. Pop some loose leaf tea into a container of cold filtered water, let sit for up to 12 hours and strain. Viola! The result is a tea that has fewer tannins, producing a flavor that is much less astringent than hot brewed tea with a smoother,...

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How The Tea , Bar and Restaurant Communities Can Flourish Together - A White Paper Presented by The World Tea Expo

Chris Chantler

Tea: An Overlooked Menu Item A White Paper Presented by : The World Tea Expo & The Night Club And Bar Show By Chris Chantler, Co Founder - Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea Co   You don’t have to be a fortune teller to be mesmerized by tea. This simple drink is the world’s most popular beverage, second only to water. No other beverage has had such a long and prolific impact on the world. From the opium wars in China to the Boston Tea Party, countries have been colonized, conquered and lost all for the sake of this far...

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Fall in Vail

Craig Arseneau

The leaves are turning hues of yellow and soft gold and the heat from the summer sun has eased off leaving a crisp coolness in the air. There's a chill in the breeze that encourages sweaters and gloves, all while cupping mugs of hot drinks. Although we here at Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea in Minturn, Colorado relished a summer of camping beside mountain lakes, biking along dusty trails and moonlit campfires, fall is here. It's time to slow our steps as the seasons amble toward winter. Camping in fall is especially lovely, as the backcountry in and around Vail...

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