Vail Mtn Coffee & Tea Co. & The Colombian ASPRASAR Project

Jen Biro

Improving Quality: ASPRASAR Colombia Project Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea Co. and the coffee growers of Tolima's ASPRASAR association have come to completion on upgrades made to their facility in Colombia. In the past few years the association has made upgrades with the help of donations from VMCT and contributions from the association itself. The growers have dedicated their lives to growing coffee in the same tradition as generations before them. Now, with the help of Vail Mtn Coffee & Tea Co. and their surrounding community, the growers have been able to improve their operation for coffee production and the...

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Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea Co.has long history in Vail Valley (video)

Chris Chantler

Dine and Drink

You may not realize that your daily ritual of sipping coffee may come from a very close source. Sure, the beans may be imported from Indonesia, Africa, South and Central America, but if you are drinking a brew from Vail Mountain Coffee and Tea Company, it's roasted right here in Eagle County.


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