Cold Brew Tea Benefits & Concoctions

Jen Biro

If you're looking to cut down on your caffeine intake, develop fuller flavors within your tea and increase the overall health benefits you receive from enjoying your favorite cup... look no further than the beautiful simplicity found in cold brewing. Cold brewing tea is just about the easiest thing in the world to do. Pop some loose leaf tea into a container of cold filtered water, let sit for up to 12 hours and strain. Viola! The result is a tea that has fewer tannins, producing a flavor that is much less astringent than hot brewed tea with a smoother,...

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Fuel Your Adventure®

Craig Arseneau

Whether it's biking trails or hiking trails, running or training, your most recent endurance adventure through the backcountry undoubtedly includes water and, or an electrolyte drink to fuel your exercise. However, you can't forget to fuel your adventure with your favorite cup of coffee from Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea. For years, studies have shown caffeine should not be discounted in relation to athletic performance. In fact, caffeine is shown to improve endurance, reduce the amount of perceived pain mentally, and reduce post-exercise soreness. A study in the American College of Sports Medicine showed ingesting caffeine one hour prior to...

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