Brewing a cup of your favorite tea can be taken as a moment to slow the world down for just a few minutes. The trick to steeping the highly sought perfect cup mainly comes down to a preference of taste and fundamentals of brewing. The guidelines below will help lead you in the right direction and can be adjusted to your liking. All it takes is a little experimentation and time.

Brewing Guidelines

All measurements are based on an 8 oz cup. A basic starting principle is if your tea is too strong, use less tea at a lower temp. If it’s too weak, use more at a similar temp. As a good rule of thumb, you generally want to let the water for all teas sit for about a minute, as you don’t want the water to be quite at its boiling temp. Most teas can be steeped more than once. Use your judgement and guidelines given when steeping a second time. Because you guessed it, the second steeping will all come down to the time and temp.

Black: 3 grams/ 2 tsp 205- 210° 3-5 minutes
Green: 2 grams/ 1.5 tsp 175- 180° 1-3 minutes
Oolong: 2 grams/ 1.5 tsp 190- 195° 3-4 minutes
Pu-Ehr: 2 grams/ 1.5 tsp 190- 195° 3-4 minutes
White: 3 grams/ 2 tsp 170- 175° 5-7 minutes
Flavored: 2 grams/ 1.5 tsp 175- 180° 2-3 minutes
Herbal: 2.5 grams/ 2 tsp 205- 210° 5-7 minutes